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Need of monitoring software

Studies indicate that more than 75% of companies monitor employee Internet use these days.

In a company, there are always several employees who take advantage of their jobs instead of doing office works by just playing games, online shopping or on Facebook, orkut, google, gmail, hotmail, yahoo, twitter, wordpress, live or plenty of other online distractions. At a minimum, they're wasting time and bandwidth in watching YouTube videos during expensive business hours. Delaying work may cause missing deadlines and reputation damaging project delays.

Other cases may be reasonable worse than just productivity loss or a little legal obscurities. Either unintentionally or maliciously, employees can steal or reveal proprietary information, expose confidential business strategy, customer privacy, data integrity, source codes and more. At worst, they could be steering your company toward financial ruin. If you are concerned, you might be tempted to install software to monitor online activity. And, of course, unmonitored Web activities can expose your network systems to dangers from malware and other intrusions. To prevent this kind of problems with employees, a program that could monitor employees could be helpful. PC Data Manager Monitoring Software have following useful monitoring features:

  • Record email
  • Record password
  • Record screenshot
  • Record chat conversations
  • Record audio
  • Record voice chat
  • Remote reports
  • Save logs secretly
  • Password Protected activity logs access
  • Receive Reports uploaded by FTP
  • Email Logs
  • Real time monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Complete stealth
  • Works perfectly for recording all type of website login username passwords email information and activities including facebook.com, google.com, orkut.com, gmail.com, mail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com, twitter.com, rediffmail.com, gmx.com, comcast.com, live.com, in.com and youtube.com etc all major websites
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